Our Genetics

Purchasing seed is the most important business decision farmers make each year. We encourage prospective clients to extensively research what is available in the hemp industry and compare it to our work, as all seed is not created equal. We are confident that our in-house R&D program is delivering the most unique and useful 100% type III and IV hemp qualified varieties in the world, with 100% female plants from seed validated through genetic testing and large scale field trials (1 in 4000 is phenotypically male, despite XX chromosomes). Question vendors offering seeds that seem too good to be true or inadequately described (“mostly feminized”, “mostly pure”, “mostly early”, or anything else “mostly” unsubstantiated!). Our seed is the real deal and will allow forward-thinking farmers to push past previous agronomic boundaries in cannabis production. We are entering our 6th year of hemp production operations and have seen consistently excellent results when farmers use our seed anywhere in the country (South Carolina to Vermont to Nevada to Wisconsin, etc.).


We have pioneered the industry with ground-breaking breeding techniques, made possible and substantiated by advanced genomic mapping. Our work cannot be copied or “improved,” as our mother plants and pollen donors are not publicly available and will not ever be released–the seed we sell are as close to true F1s available to cannabis farmers. Unlike the many fly-by-night polyhybrid seed vendors that emerge each year in the hemp space, our established varieties are the result of repeated inbreeding (to the point of sterility) to reduce heterozygosity and lock-in specific traits before targeted outcrossing. This approach requires about 3 years of R&D between initial line design to commercial deployment, as the seed we sell to the public undergoes extensive field trials before release to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards of excellence. We are in this industry for the long haul and are devoted to making pure varieties containing novel cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBDV, CBGV, CBCV, etc.) available to farmers everywhere–our reputation means much more than a quick buck and we give priority to our returning clients when releasing new compounds.


Due to their popularity and the success of our clients, our seed inventory has sold out in previous years. For 2021 and beyond, we have expanded our production facilities in anticipation of projected US demand (we ship to all states with Farm Bill compliant hemp programs). With 2 mW of light and 200k sq. ft. of dedicated seed production space spread over 3 separate R&D campuses, we are confident that all US hemp farmers will eventually have access to our industry-leading cultivars. We produce our seed year round in our sealed indoor production facilities; this means no issues of pollen contamination, high quality seed with industry leading germination rates, and quick restocking when varieties run low.

We are also excited to have added over 2 acres of solar panels!